I Fear…

I Fear… Fear of not doing what really matters, something that has love. Fear of wasting time. Fear of working hard and not living up to the expectations. Fear of being judged and fear of rejection. Fear of dying alone; fear to die before living. Fear of living someone else’s life. Fear not being myself.... Continue Reading →


Little Black Book for Stunning Success…

Robin Sharma is a very interesting and unique in his style and content. After all, giving 70 small chapters on (or advises) for success shows how contentful writer is. Seventy chapters, only one or two pages long, about true success with quotes in the end and three questions about the life worth thinking. The little black... Continue Reading →

How can AI transform the world?

Artificial intelligence... plot for 500 movies till now. The favourite topic for any mad scientist and the dream job of any nerd. A.I. that sounds like new rap album is really complicated as much as we think it is. AI is the actual next big thing in technology and we appear to achieve it very soon.... Continue Reading →

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013):

It happens often that you are somewhere but you leave for an adventure inside your minds. You got 'zoned out'. It is not a great to be zoned out but sometimes it can be a calling. To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind the walls, draw closer, to find each... Continue Reading →

Rainy Mess & a moment…

20 June 2017; What's Up!! Sky and earth are so close yet so far. Rains in Delhi; sky look so beautiful but roads become equally a sludge pie and garbage. Now, for a person who ain't got any standard bus stand near his home (due to Metro phase III constructions), he has to make it... Continue Reading →

A Golden Afternoon…

The sky looks awesome when there is the cool wind flowing and dark clouds have covered the sun at its peak and those clouds start to appear gold. Damn, that's a hell of a view. And while you are confined to this time, and moment starts to seize you and smile for no reason. That... Continue Reading →

Dreaming with eyes open…

Does it ever happen to anyone else too, that a moment ago you were just doing your regular things and work then the next moment you are everything you ever wanted to be? You are sitting on your chair but you look yourself as a rich man riding a Bugatti but you have responsibilities of prime... Continue Reading →

Low Innovations to more upgrades

Well..., I am a nerd. I like talking about video games, books; give precious views on current topics/ events. But more importantly, I can't resist myself from talking about technology. Whenever we think there is nothing else to do different, there comes the world-changing innovation from a whacky brain. boon of Internet in the 1990s and... Continue Reading →


The number 42 is, in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything", is 42. In the book, scientists designed a supercomputer which can calculate the answer the ultimate question. After millions of years, when finally machine was designed and the ultimate... Continue Reading →

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