Rainy Mess & a moment…

20 June 2017; What's Up!! Sky and earth are so close yet so far. Rains in Delhi; sky look so beautiful but roads become equally a sludge pie and garbage. Now, for a person who ain't got any standard bus stand near his home (due to Metro phase III constructions), he has to make it... Continue Reading →


What am I doing?

Whatsup... 22-4-2017 It has been 3 weeks since my last blog. My midterm exams were on. And when I opened my laptop to write I felt… strange. I don’t know but it seems like I do not take myself seriously enough. Like I was just making excuses. Honestly, my exams ended in 10 days, today... Continue Reading →

I’m Mr. Nice guy…

9 March 2017; Whatsup!! There is so much traffic in India. It is really difficult to walk on streets. Footpaths are blocked with poles and streets, even cars are parked here. Then a lack of subways. Every person is crossing the road wherever they feel to. But nobody complaints about this as India is the... Continue Reading →

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