What the hell going on in my head?

Abcjy3tfu57awg86U%DU$^du6Des%^djgh^efGUwe%&gmc. Nope, that's not a  mistype. These are genuine thoughts these days. Today if you ask me how was the day today my answer would be that Tom Cruise can become next Miss world by defeating a cauliflower. Even my dreams have got strange. Really!? I had a dream in which a Peakachoo is hunting for... Continue Reading →


It’s not same anymore…

It was fun at the beginning but something changed it got difficult it became a headache. I remember when I wrote my first blog, I enjoyed the time because everything was independent of others, no one to judge, no one to question, no one to give their precious opinions and honestly no one to read... Continue Reading →

What is missing?

Today I woke up at four in the morning an hour and I did not feel tired or lazy at all. In fact, I was smiling for some reason. Even though an hour was left before my alarm goes off, I just jumped out of bed, had my morning ritual and started writing. While writing,... Continue Reading →

Why so serious ?

Why are you so serious? Well, may be because everyone around you is serious or cause of the fact that everything around you is a serious matter. We've got a serious matter to discuss; We haven't come with the latest 10 stories, we've come with serious matter. ~ Jim Rohn Life is serious. Carving your future... Continue Reading →

I Fear…

I Fear… Fear of not doing what really matters, something that has love. Fear of wasting time. Fear of working hard and not living up to the expectations. Fear of being judged and fear of rejection. Fear of dying alone; fear to die before living. Fear of living someone else’s life. Fear not being myself.... Continue Reading →

A Golden Afternoon…

The sky looks awesome when there is the cool wind flowing and dark clouds have covered the sun at its peak and those clouds start to appear gold. Damn, that's a hell of a view. And while you are confined to this time, and moment starts to seize you and smile for no reason. That... Continue Reading →

Dreaming with eyes open…

Does it ever happen to anyone else too, that a moment ago you were just doing your regular things and work then the next moment you are everything you ever wanted to be? You are sitting on your chair but you look yourself as a rich man riding a Bugatti but you have responsibilities of prime... Continue Reading →

The Void

I wake up at 5 in the morning, every day, go to college for 9 hours, I come back, have lunch with my family, study about 3-4 hours at home, watch my favourite shows, see some motivational pins, and now it's evening around 7 and I take a break from my hectic schedule. And a... Continue Reading →

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