What the hell going on in my head?

Abcjy3tfu57awg86U%DU$^du6Des%^djgh^efGUwe%&gmc. Nope, that's not a  mistype. These are genuine thoughts these days. Today if you ask me how was the day today my answer would be that Tom Cruise can become next Miss world by defeating a cauliflower. Even my dreams have got strange. Really!? I had a dream in which a Peakachoo is hunting for... Continue Reading →


Why do we Yawn?

We certainly do, but why though? We yawn whenever there is nothing else to do, just like cats, do nothing all day just meow, I mean yawn. And as a classic nerd, I will even define yawn, because why the hell not! Definition : Yawn is the act of opening one's mouth wide and inhaling deeply... Continue Reading →

Eye of the universe…

Artist Pablo Carlos Budassi created the image of the observable universe in one disc. He presented a logarithmic visualization of the universe in a fascinating manner. His image made circles all over the internet when uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in 2013. Pablo's image resembles a human eye, where our solar system is at the heart and cosmos of... Continue Reading →

It’s not same anymore…

It was fun at the beginning but something changed it got difficult it became a headache. I remember when I wrote my first blog, I enjoyed the time because everything was independent of others, no one to judge, no one to question, no one to give their precious opinions and honestly no one to read... Continue Reading →

Winnie the Pooh

Aah! The good old cutest, fluffy, adorable bear. He is actually my favourite cartoon character of all time. I love him more than I liked him in childhood as now I understand the cartoon rather than just watching and enjoying. I literally mean it when I say that every grown-up must watch it. This adorable character has... Continue Reading →

What? Third World Country?

I don’t like politics of any sort so I prefer to keep myself away from any sort of political news. But still; if you have half billion active politically active people in your country you can hardly ignore the buzz. In case of global politics, I’m always kinda interested as they are different from the... Continue Reading →

What is missing?

Today I woke up at four in the morning an hour and I did not feel tired or lazy at all. In fact, I was smiling for some reason. Even though an hour was left before my alarm goes off, I just jumped out of bed, had my morning ritual and started writing. While writing,... Continue Reading →

प्रकृत्स्य त्रीणि गुणानि

I remember when my Sanskrit teacher, K. P. Jha sir, taught us about anger management. It was the most helpful lesson I ever got. And so was the next lecture about three Gunas in nature.

Why so serious ?

Why are you so serious? Well, may be because everyone around you is serious or cause of the fact that everything around you is a serious matter. We've got a serious matter to discuss; We haven't come with the latest 10 stories, we've come with serious matter. ~ Jim Rohn Life is serious. Carving your future... Continue Reading →

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