Why so serious ?

Why are you so serious? Well, may be because everyone around you is serious or cause of the fact that everything around you is a serious matter.

We’ve got a serious matter to discuss; We haven’t come with the latest 10 stories, we’ve come with serious matter.

~ Jim Rohn

Life is serious. Carving your future is serious. Finding a job, making an income is serious. Friends and family circles are serious itself. Maintaining a good health is serious. Getting a fine education is serious.

Agreed. Everything is a serious matter. But why are YOU so serious?

Being serious. Fine. you are serious. But whats up with all the hurry, not having fun; not even little bit. Whats up with that stone stuffed face, a smile wouldn’t hurt. Worrying and taking stress only makes you ill, anyway. Nothing in this world has the power to make your life miserable except you. there is no problem in the vast world that you cannot solve. Everything has a solution but every solution never had a problem.

The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude abouut the problem.

~ Jack Sparrow

If you have something so important that bugs out your state of peace and happiness, you must rethink for a moment does it really worth that? Think of an ordinary marble, never used before, that usually is covered in its own dust. Looks like a piece of white rock. Unless its surface is polished or grinded, you’ll never notice it shine. But what if it gets grinded more than its thickness? That’ll be a fine waste of nice marble. So is a person’s character. It hides if there is no grinding but when keep going & don’t stop when you should you either go broke or you’ll get disappeared.

So, what makes you so much stressed, tired and serious about everything? Majorly time. Humans are only creatures that measure everything in time. We get scared if we know that time is limited. Everything has a deadline “deadline”. Fear of losing yourself or defeat by yourself washes your brain from why you started this in the first place. Life loses its true purpose.

The best way of being calm and keep your peace of mind in every situation. Think of the worst possible outcome. Oh no! you forgot to mail the report on time. What worst can possibly happen? You have to write two extra magical words in your email “My Apologies”. You might fail an exam. So what I’ll  do 10 times better next year or I’ll get to plan B right away. You don’t have enough money.  Find jobs online. Go for cheap jobs temporary and be damn creative. What worse can possibly happen? You’ll go broke. So what you certainly wouldn’t die. If you’re better than before your conditions will improve on their own.

Don’t make distinction between work and play. Regard everything that you are doing as play, and don’t regard for one minute that you have to be serious about it.

~ Alan Watts

Just go outside and have fun. Make a life worth remembering ai end of days. You don’t even have to read this blog, taking advises about life from 18 years old. Why are you have to be serious about EVERYTHING?


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