I Fear…

I Fear…

  • Fear of not doing what really matters, something that has love.
  • Fear of wasting time. Fear of working hard and not living up to the expectations.
  • Fear of being judged and fear of rejection.
  • Fear of dying alone; fear to die before living. Fear of living someone else’s life. Fear not being myself.
  • Fear of regrets buried dreams.
  • Fear of mediocrity. Fear of being right but forced on others beliefs.
  • Fear of bitten raw by stigma of society
  • Fear of sticking at one place, one moment and dim light.
  • Fear of heights and life on heights.
  • Fear of not travelling enough. Not going to places always wanted to go. Not meeting amazing people and doing those unknown things.
  • Fear of living dull. Fear of not jumping from the sky and travelling the sea. Fear of not going on an untold adventure.
  • Fear of unhealthiness. Fear of not living a quality life.
  • Fear of not reading 101 fiction books. Fear of not writing. Fear of not having a biography. Fear of never being recognised.
  • Fear of not meeting great people and not becoming one.
  • Fear of love and being loved. Fear of never getting a pet. Fear of being hated and not hated.
  • Fear of having no legacy.
  • Fear of playing safe. Fear of people, judging every time. Going knock-out by barriers.
  • Fear of never knowing the person’s best version. Fear of dying of unknown potential.
  • Fear of changing personality because someone doesn’t like the way.
  • Fear of hearing a lie.
  • Fear of hearing that… not good because that is right, not loved because that is worst, not great because that is not they want, this excellent because it is disgust.
  • Fear of not speaking to the soul. Fear of not hearing the whisper. Fear of never finding passion. Fear of not recognising signs, the omens.
  • Fear of anger. Fear of not listening. Fear of continued silence. Fear of not being heard.
  • Fear of choking. Fear of not keeping promises. Fear of degrading into the dirt.
  • Fear of never jumping and running onto grass-fields.
  • Fear of not finding love. Fears of letting people go. Fear of not looking into eyes.
  • Fear of fear.

I fear my dreams. I fear almost everything. I fear all that I want to achieve. But, whenever I fear I laugh because it is fun to have fears, they help me to go where I never expected to go. And I’m going even further where I will fear even more. It is great to have fears. The more fears I have the more challenges I get, the more challenges I get more alive I feel. I fear so much that I’m always excited. My fears drive me every day on a new venture. Whatever is behind that fear I have to have it. But the most dangerous thing I fear…

  • I fear myself.

If your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough


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