How can AI transform the world?

Artificial intelligence… plot for 500 movies till now. The favourite topic for any mad scientist and the dream job of any nerd. A.I. that sounds like new rap album is really complicated as much as we think it is. AI is the actual next big thing in technology and we appear to achieve it very soon. The moment we have perfect access to AIs everything will change and everything’s life will transform.

But what an artificial intelligence truly is? Any device that consumes its physical environment and takes actions/ decisions with or without human intervention which increases its chance of success at some goal. But AI is often confused with microtechnology. AI is a nano-technology, capable of processing data in nanoseconds (at least in coming decades). The software must be capable of making decisions on its own and assisting humans; after all without that nothing is special about it.

But the intelligence that human race dreams to achieve way smarter, stronger, powerful and simple operative. We, humans, have proved to be most intelligent and dominant species (and… a cruel & greedy one too) on the planet, so how are we supposed to go beyond our abilities and designing more convenient plus advance future. Simple, get an extra brain. That’s exactly what AI is expected to do first hand. But what if it backfires?

Any new innovation changes the world either it is Fitbit or making energy out of the water, but how much power it has to transform the world? Not change but to transform. It depends on its significance and purpose to serve. As the whole globe coming together, our priority should be communication but using such powerful tech as a media device is an absurdity. Even though it is smart enough to be a universal interpreter and it may be used as data station for the internet and decrease our reliance on cloud computing which is potentially more unsafe.

But most importantly can it make humans more advance. Of course. Anything can be operated with an artificial intelligence and managed by them. Either rockets or rocket sciences, television or video consoles, medical appliances, automobiles and whole empire. So, is AI will just like another operating system, not really. An operating system or OS is pretty much like an interface and surely it takes decisions but its working and key distinguishing factors are in hardware and type of ICs it uses.

And without a doubt, it can be as much dangerous as it can be a blessing. As it has its own mind and conscience, it is likely to break barriers and become independent of human control. That is exactly why it is said that AI should never have feelings; it is a machine and is much better that way. Rules can be designed for programming but there is a great chance that it breaks them and goes beyond those barriers, overcoming their limitations.

However, an independent artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be all chaotic and doom of human slaves like most of the sci-fi films, it can also be simply just having a nice n’ annoyingly intelligent roommates. They can even solve current world conflicts and relied upon for world peace as they will be racially/religiously (major causes of conflicts in current days) equal.

Predicting the future with artificial intelligence is a very ambiguous subject. If someone really wants to guess what our lives will look like, iRobot is the best movie for that. It depicts perfectly the two sides of AI, the one that goes rogue, breaks the rules set by its designers and finally blames humans for all the world problems & tries to control them. This one is diverted by its personal (and logical) conscience. While there is the other one, installed in a robot’s head which is driven by robot’s feelings, trying to be what his father (inventor) wanted to be, an ideal robot; just trying to save everyone and everything even if he had to sacrifice himself but finds it difficult to make his way through human emotions that he feels relentlessly.

The future of planet with AI is actually not a big concern in any near future and in fact, nobody should need to worry about. Still, the topic may be presented by different people differentially according to their personal outlooks regarding the concerned. But there is no denying that after artificial intelligence nothing would be same ever again. Its existence would be as great as the internet.


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