Rainy Mess & a moment…

20 June 2017;

What’s Up!!

Sky and earth are so close yet so far. Rains in Delhi; sky look so beautiful but roads become equally a sludge pie and garbage. Now, for a person who ain’t got any standard bus stand near his home (due to Metro phase III constructions), he has to make it with rest he got; and he got just one small bus. And in rainy days crowded routes become even busier. Everyone is in hurry. The one bus is congested as hell at the working hour (0900 AM) but now people are literally hanging out of the bus. No way I am getting on that.

So, I took a rickshaw to Dabri and decided to change for bus thereafter. But then I realised the population of India because even on DTC buses, people are hanging. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!

Thus, I changed my bus routine to my institute into two parts first I went to Uttam Nagar (on the way) and then take Metro Train to the destination. A few minutes longer but a comfortable journey, I was already 20 min late so… whatever. I went to Uttam Nagar and I saw something waiting for me… it was Mr. ‘Worst part of the day‘. Now that’s the disgusting sludge I was referring to. It was like Satan had pooped there. Just move on. I don’t want to remember that, OPTIMISM.

I got to Metro Station and travelled just two stations like a normal human being is supposed to, no bodies hanging like F4ing monkeys and no disgusting waterlogs, no sludges and clean environment. I finally reached my institute. 25 min journey ended in an hour. With a fine sense of relief and in a deep thought. My conscience had a hit… I had a conversation at the station.

At the station, I met a 30 to 40 years old man. He was wearing a pale yellow polo t-shirt (a little bit faded) and old silver pants. T-shirt tucked in and was wearing weary shoes, the belt was quite new and a standard black leather side bag.

Indians have three extra genes developed in their DNA than other people around the globe. Namely Obsession, Stereotype and Judgemental. So, like any other normal Indian, I judged him. Now what he asked? 10 rupees.

He said “Sir, can I borrow 10 Rs? My two colleagues got ahead of me. I asked one or two people before but they thought I am a bhikaaree (beggar). Can you help me?

I don’t care if I’m getting late. This is important because this is a drop in the pot of life. Now my judgemental gene working on full throttle. If he is not a beggar he should have at least 10 Rs. but by the appearance, he does not have a good economic background. Yes, maybe he’s in trouble. So, I reached for my wallet slowly yes I’m hesitating to help. Because I’m thinking that why did nobody else help him? He’s a total stranger, what if he runs away with my wallet or I am being just like other people who didn’t help the guy because we don’t care and making excuses. By the way, what the hell! it’s just 10 bucks! I had only 20 Rs notes; so, he asked another person for the change. Just like me he was too busy to help and stopped a moment. He quickly gave two 10 Rs. notes and just left; he didn’t even saw other person’s face.

I gave the guy 20 he returned 10 bucks. I was still in a hurry. I am already late. He gave me a smile and shook my hands like a gentleman. And this all happened in just five minutes. The moment got stuck into my head. It’s not like no one wanted to help him but nobody just didn’t care.

Sometimes it is not about ourselves but about our character.



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