Dreaming with eyes open…

Does it ever happen to anyone else too, that a moment ago you were just doing your regular things and work then the next moment you are everything you ever wanted to be? You are sitting on your chair but you look yourself as a rich man riding a Bugatti but you have responsibilities of prime minister.

Everybody dreams and have aspirations. All of us wants to live the Dream life. We all have imagined ourselves as an important figure in the world who can solve every problem and everything is nice around you. I mean, I imagine myself wearing a nice suit driving my Lamborghini to parliament for a new amendment to the constitution and of course I am a billionaire while in reality, I’m sitting in front of my laptop watching youtube in my pyjamas, being proud that  I’m the only one alive who hasn’t seen even a single episode of ‘Game of thrones’.

I am 18 years old teenager who soon will become an adult. And that is scary, very scary. Just thinking that how many responsibilities I will have gives me goosebumps. Finding a job, permanent house, voting for elections (because I’m a good citizen) are very heavy duties for anyone. My parents have almost aged 50. They are getting old and already so greasy. When parents become old they are our responsibility. I love them despite that my dad enters in my room like justice league and I’m the joker who has stolen batmobile. I actually have a lot planned for them. Like they never toured foreign countries so they can go with me. I want to give them all the luxuries people only dream of.

People don’t dream by age. They dream; they set goals not to kill time, we dream because we hope for better for everybody.

Success is not about money you make, but the difference you make in somebody’s life.

~ Michelle Obama

Right now, there is a teenager, a wife, a businessman, a millionaire, or just a 5 years old kid; somebody is in the office, in school/college, bus from a developed country or rich country or third world countries; they all are dreaming for something better in life.

I have already completed a year of college and in few years I’ll complete my education and (according to everyone) I’ll be ready to face the huge world outside. Can someone be ready to face the whole world by just reading the few books? I cannot even talk to strangers (especially girls) face to face with confidence.

People must know that there is a difference between realising a dream or being lost in one. You can dream of anything you want and shoot for the moon but you will get burned by the sun if you don’t do anything. Aspire for greatness includes taking great decisions and actions. People keep dreaming with eyes open and forget everything the need to do because of the fruit of your ideas is always sweet but the path has thorns. Also, it appears awkward when someone watches you smiling while you stare the walls. I keep thinking what this world can be, but we forget that doing nothing is like staying is like staying still in an end river waterfall.

If you keep swimming in your thoughts, be safe you can drown.


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